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Atlas F Missile Silo Base Located in Southwestern Oklahoma


NOTE:  This property is being renovated on an ongoing basis.  Please check back regularly for photos showing updates to this property.  Current photos are available here.


This property is an Atlas F Missile Silo base located in Southwestern Oklahoma.  It was one of the 12 sites controlled by the 577th Strategic Missile Squadron which was based at Altus Air Force Base in Altus, Oklahoma.  This property is a total of 8.5 acres.  Approximately five acres are enclosed inside a 7-foot chain link fence.  Both of the original quonset hut buildings are still in place.  The fact that both quonset huts are on site is rare and very few Atlas sites in the country still have both quonset huts.  Each quonset hut is 40' x 100' for a total of 8,000 square feet.  Electrical power has been upgraded to a 325 Amp capacity transformer and both quonset huts have active electrical service to them.  The East/West quonset hut is currently being used as a storage and parking garage area and has a 100 Amp main panel.  The North/South quonset hut has a 200 Amp main panel and supplies power to the utility room that has been built into this building.  Residential type 110/240VAC single phase power has been run into the underground LCC via a 200 Amp main panel.  Three-phase electrical poles and wiring run onto the property from the electrical grid.  Separate electrical meters split the above-ground structures from the underground LCC.  A 2" water line is on-site providing well water from a rural water district.  The water line currently feeds the living quarters in the North/South quonset hut and a future update will provide water into the underground LCC.  On-site communications include an 8-wire buried telephone service capable of 4 independent phone lines.  Phone service has been extended into the underground LCC.  High speed Internet access is also on-site using high speed wireless through a local Motorola Canopy based network.  This Internet access has also been extended into the underground LCC.  An on-site monitored security system extends throughout the North/South quonset hut and includes circuits into various underground structures as well as the above ground pump house.  The original water well pump house is currently being used as a storage area for yard tools and site maintenance equipment.

Pricing for this property is firm at $800,000.  Thousands of hours of rennovation work have gone into this property in order to bring it to its current condition.  Tours will be available only to serious and capable buyers.  If you have a serious interest in purchasing this unique property, contact the owner at contact@siloforsale.com.  This site will require full payment for the property upon closing, therefore financing and/or a contract for deed is not available.  A property showing fee of $1,000 will be required for a tour of the site.  If the property is purchased, the showing fee will be applied to the purchase price.  If the property is not purchased, the showing fee will be forfeited to the property owner and will not be refunded. 


Thank you for your interest and check back often as updates will be added to this site as renovation projects are completed.


Currently Available Photos

For photos of the renovation work which has been done to date, click on a link below describing the area of interest you wish to view.  There are renovation projects currently ongoing and the photos available will be expanded as additional work is completed.

Blast Door 1

Blast Door 2

Chain Link Fence

East/West Quonset Hut

Electrical Service

Entrapment Door Area

Entry Way Door

Entry Way Stairs

Launch Control Center

Utility Room

Main Silo Vent Shafts

Septic Tanks


Tunnel Entrance

UHF Antenna

Water Line

Water Well Pump House


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