Atlas F Missile Silo - East/West Quonset Hut

This property is rare in that both quonset huts are still on site.  These are 40' x 100' buildings that were
used for above ground offices and site support equipment.  The two quonset huts at this base were
built 90 degrees to each other.  One along a North/South axis and the other along an East/West axis.
The East/West quonset hut shown in the photos below was recently renovated to repair damage that
had occurred over the years since the site was deactivated.  It is now used as a storage and parking area.
A 100 amp power panel is in place and three plug-in circuits as well as basic lighting has been added.
Where possible, the trees have been trimmed and left in place in order to reduce the heat buildup inside
the building during the summer.  A standard 36" walk thru door is installed in the right side of the main
rolling door.  As can be seen in the first photo, a street light has been installed for illumination of the entrance area.


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